Matehand Terms of Service and Usage Rules

First of all, thank you for using Matehand.

Matehand is a social media platform that allows users to follow the posts in illness rooms, interact and connect with each other.

"Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" have been set forth for you to use Matehand, and also "Privacy Policy" regarding your data has been set forth, and if you accept all of these, you are allowed to use Matehand.

These "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" are accepted as a contract between Matehand and the users. "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" are stated below. The "Privacy Policy" is given on another page.


  1. We cannot guarantee that Matehand will always be safe, always secure, always free from errors, uninterrupted, delay-free or flawless operation. There may occur some problems during the use of Matehand, there may be problems in its operation, it may not work properly, there may be data loss; It is impossible for us to predict whether and when such problems will occur. In such a case, if you lose/your company loses information, documents, contents and data in Matehand, Matehand will not be responsible in this regard, you agree.

  2. We do not control what people and others say, what content they share, what they write, and we do not direct people. Matehand is not responsible for the actions and behavior of individuals (on or off the internet) or any content they share or user account (including inappropriate content and behavior specified in the Matehand "Usage Rules").

  3. Using Matehand social media platform is free. Matehand receives payments from companies and organizations that want to promote their products, services, brands, companies or want to advertise or want to make announcements or want to be sponsor the illness rooms. If you use Matehand social media platform, you agree that we can show you these advertisements / promotions / sponsorships. We may use your personal data to determine which ads we show you.

  4. You can find our policy regarding your data in the Matehand "Privacy Policy" page, by installing and starting to use Matehand means that you accept Matehand “Privacy Policy”.

  5. As stated on the Matehand "Privacy Policy" page, acceptance of the Matehand "Terms of Service", the personal data of the users (name, surname, email address, phone number or other contact information), the profile contents, profile images, post contents (texts and images) of users who register in Matehand , as complying to GDPR, will be stored on servers located in Turkey and / or outside Turkey. If the users accept Matehand "Terms of Service", they will have given their explicit consent to Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi about storing data stated in the previous sentence.

  6. All posts, shares, comments, liked and disliked posts, profile information and profile photo of users can be clearly seen by everyone on Matehand.

  7. The personal data of the users (such as name, e-mail address or other contact information) cannot be sold or be shared to third parties / organizations / companies. If it is desired to use the personal information of the users for certain research or other scientific purposes, unless obtained additional consent from the users, the personal information of the users will not be shared with 3rd parties / organizations / companies.

  8. The intellectual property rights (such as copyright or trademark) of the content of the users in Matehand belong to the users themselves. Related to this intellectual property rights , users grant Matehand a royalty-free and international license for Matehand to display the contents publicly, to host the content, to use it for various purposes, to modify, copy and store the contents they share on Matehand. If a content or post shared by the user is removed due to violation of Matehand "Usage Rules", the users agree that no legal liability will be imposed on Matehand or other persons who complain about it.

  9. If a user considers that a content violates the matters in Matehand "Rules of Use", it is recommended to report the content to Matehand with the justification of complaint.

  10. When users install and start using Matehand, permission is given to update the software provided when deemed necessary.

  11. Matehand brand, name and logo cannot be used by others and others cannot speak on behalf of Matehand.

  12. Matters that are specified in Matehand "Terms of Service" and that the users are expected to approve them in order to use Matehand, are tried to be conveyed in a clear and understandable manner in order to minimize the disputes that may arise between Matehand and users and, if possible, completely prevent them. If a conflict still occurs, the legal provisions in Turkey are valid and the courts in Turkey are competent in this matter, if users accept Matehand "Terms of Service", they are deemed to have accepted it.

  13. Matehand is constantly renewed and updated according to changing situations and conditions, likewise, updates may be required from time to time in order to provide better service in Matehand "Terms of Service" and "Rules of Use" and to make Matehand's relationship with users healthier. If updates or changes are made to Matehand "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules", users will be informed and Matehand will not be allowed to use it until the renewed Matehand "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" are approved.

  14. The user can delete his / her account at any time, so that this contract with Matehand will be invalid from that moment, however, even if the account is deleted, the current Matehand “Terms of Service” and “Usage Rules” are applied to the content that the user posted or shared before deleting the account, this situation is accepted by the user.


  1. Who can and cannot use Matehand

    • Individuals over the age of 13 can use it,
    • Can use those who have not been convicted of sexual crimes,
    • Those who have previously violated Matehand “Usage Rules” and whose account has been closed cannot use.

  2. Principles to be followed

    Matehand is a social media platform open to everyone. While using this platform and while creating a content, the user agrees to the following matters:

    • A valid e-mail address (and phone) must be entered during registration to Matehand,
    • The user password cannot be shared with other people, the user account cannot be opened to anyone else,
    • Illegal content cannot be published or shared,
    • A content inciting crime cannot be published or shared,
    • No fraudulent attempts can be made with the aim of seizing people's money or personal information, and content in this direction cannot be published or shared,
    • Any content containing insults, swearing, threats, hate speech cannot be shared. Bullying and harassment can not be made, content cannot be published or shared in this direction,
    • Any content that is misleading, deceptive, endangering human life cannot be published or shared,
    • No attempt can be made to encourage suicide or harm oneself, any content cannot be published or shared in this direction,
    • No demoralizing, negative propaganda can be made against diseases where psychology is important (such as chronic diseases, cancer, etc.), any content in this direction cannot be published or shared,
    • Any content containing discrimination (race, language, religion, gender and similar discrimination) cannot be published or shared,
    • No attempts can be made for human trafficking, no encouraging content can be published or shared in this direction,
    • No content that promotes violence, terrorism or their propaganda can be published or shared. Content that promotes or glorifies a terrorist organization or organized crime groups, leaders or individuals cannot be published or shared,
    • Content that violates intellectual property rights or other personal rights cannot be published or shared,
    • You cannot imitate a brand, company, organization or a well-known person, act as if they are, open an account on their behalf, represent or make a statement on behalf of anyone without their permission,
    • Lottery, betting, games of chance, no attempt can be made to allow any method played with money, encouraging or promotional content in this direction cannot be published or shared,
    • No content that encourages or promotes drug addiction, substance addiction, alcohol addiction or any other promotional content related to them, cannot be published or shared.
    • Organ trafficking, blood trafficking can not be initiated, content in this direction can not be published or shared,
    • Adult or child obscenity, nudity, content containing sexual intercourse requests and content aimed at child abuse cannot be published or shared, no any attempt in this direction is allowed,
    • Viruses, malware, malicious software, web sites related content / link / link cannot be published, shared or uploaded. Spam, unwanted, repetitive content cannot be published or shared,
    • No action can be taken that may cause Matehand to work properly, shut down or overload,
    • Automatic software, bot software cannot attempt to collect data from Matehand, or attempt to access Matehand data.

    Access to content, post or share that violate these provisions can be removed or the account can be closed if continuity is detected.

  3. Regarding deletion of the account

    • When an account is created with a username and then deleted, this username cannot be used anymore again,
    • In the process of deleting an account, all posts, shares, comments and all other information belonging to the user (whose account is deleted) are permanently deleted. When the user wants to re-create the account with the same username which was deleted, cannot be used anymore, user cannot access the old deleted information,
    • If determined that Matehand's "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" have been violated explicitly by a user fundamentally or permanently, that user’s account may be suspended to access, or that user's account may be permanently blocked or deleted.
    • In order to get information about what to do if the user account was closed by Matehand, or if it is thought that the account was closed as a result of an error or misunderstanding, a detailed e-mail can be sent to the e-mail address .
    • In the event that the account is deleted by the user or the account is closed by Matehand, Matehand "Terms of Service" and "Usage Rules" will no longer constitute a contract between Matehand and the user and will be deemed to be terminated, but the above provisions will remain in effect.