1. Matehand is a social media platform developed and owned by Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi. If you download, install and use Matehand on your device, some of your data will be stored by Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi. The address and contact e-mail address of Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi is as follows:

    Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi
    Şükrüpaşa Mah. Zübeyde Hanım Cad.
    Trakya Üniversitesi Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi No: 3 /2
    22030 Merkez/ Edirne - Turkey

  2. The personal data (name, surname, email address, phone number or other contact information), the profile contents, profile images, post contents (texts and images) of users who register in Matehand , as complying to GDPR, will be stored on servers located in Turkey and / or outside Turkey. If the users accept the "Terms of Service", they will have given their explicit consent to Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi about storing data stated in the previous sentence.

  3. The personal data of the users of the Matehand platform will not be sold or be shared to third parties / organizations / companies. When it is requested to use personal data for a scientific research or different scientific studies, personal data will not be shared with third parties / organizations / companies, unless an additional permission is obtained from the user.

  4. When a user creates an account, posts a content, comments a post, likes a post, dislikes a post, re-shares any post or sends a message to different user / groups through personal messaging at Matehand platform, the data of all these actions are stored at the databases on the servers in order application to work properly. Similarly, the profile information and profile photo provided by users during registration or after updating, will also be stored in databases and storage areas on servers.

  5. All posts, profile information and photos, shares, comments, liked / disliked posts, followers, followings, re-shared posts of a Matehand user, can be clearly viewed by all other Matehand users in order application to work properly. By approving the terms of service, users who register on the Matehand platform are deemed to have accepted that other users and the public can access these data and give their express consent. Personal messages on Matehand platform can only be read by the receiver user / group and will not be accessible to other users.

  6. In order to ensure the security of Matehand users and to be used in favor of the users in case of a possible security breach, daily records (log records) are kept/stored during use.

  7. Matehand platform does not access the following information on the device on which installed and used, does not use and store this information about the device:

    • Call records,
    • Background processes,
    • Click movements,
    • Screen recordings,
    • Device ID,
    • Accounts defined on the device,
    • Device signals,
    • Network and connection information,
    • Address book,
    • SMS information,
    • Location information,
    • Data of other applications on the device,
    • Health data stored on the device,
    • Cookie information

  8. Upon request, Coreborn Yazılım ve Teknoloji Limited Şirketi promises that, the user will be informed about whether the records regarding all posts, shares, comments and all other information of the user on the Matehand platform are stored on the databases and storage areas on the servers, also upon request the requested user’s personal information (except system records) will be shared with the user. For this process, the request should be clearly stated in an e-mail sent to The maximum period of responding to the personal information request mail (except in compulsory cases) will be applied as 72 hours.

  9. During the account deletion process of Matehand platform users, all posts, shares, comments and all other information of deleted account are permanently deleted. The username of a deleted account on the Matehand platform is stored so that it cannot be used anymore after deletion. Users who deleted their accounts on the Matehand platform do not have the chance to register with the same username (deleted account username) again.