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What is a lumbar disk herniation? Between the vertebrae are fibrous discs. These discs contain a gelatinous liquid. Here, herniated disc is a disease that occurs as a result of the wear and tear of this fibrous structure over time and this gelatinous structure overflowing and pressing on the nerve in the following periods. CAUSED ? cartilage between the vertebrae; severe compulsion, traumas, heavy to lift, stay in the same position for a long time, Being under pressure, fall up, overweight, multiple births etc. WHAT ARE THE SURGERY CRITERIA? Whether there is nerve root compression or not is the first criterion in the operation decision process. POST-SURGERY PHYSICAL THERAPY AND ITS IMPORTANCE Studies show that physical therapy and exercise program initiated in the early postoperative period yield important results in terms of pain, disability (injury-incapacity) reduction and better general health status.


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